Friday, November 29, 2013

Long time away

It's been ages since I've posted something on here.  Life has been getting in the way as it does for all of us.  I've still been sewing and keeping very busy with deadlines.  Two years ago I entered a challenge with the Quilters' Guild.  We did a swap of a metres worth of our own stash and swapped it with stash from our quilting friends in Germany.  The challenge was to make a skinny wall hanging using the stash given to you and adding some of your own. 60 were to be selected from the 101 submitted.  I was gobsmacked when mine was one of them!  It went to Germany for a while; came back to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts; went to Italy for another while; then to Bavaria and eventually it came back to the UK this year.  This is what I submitted


I've been making ATC's for swaps too

................'till the next time, keep quilting