Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quilts I've made

My grandchildren all wanted Grandma to make a quilt for them.  The first one completed was for my eldest grandchild........and here it is.

The second one for my youngest grandchild was completed last night.  He designed it himself when he was 6 years old - he's 8 years old now.  He's getting it at the weekend.

Some of the detail......................

I made a lap quilt for my Mum and she loved it, bless her.  Mum died on 1 July this year.

When I was Young

I have always loved sewing and craftwork for as long as I can remember.  When I was about 8 or 9  I was really into embroidery and to get out of going shopping with my mum, I used to plead with her to let me stay at home so that I could sew.

My other love was reading and I spent every week in Gillingham Library choosing my books.  I loved the 'Jennings' books - for boys really but I loved reading them.  I was a bit of a tomboy.

In 1956 I embroidered this panel when I was 9 years old

This says, 'I embroidered this myself February 1956 Irene Pearson

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Festival of Quilts

I had a wonderful time at the Festival of Quilts last weekend.  I went by coach with a quilt group called 'Bears Paw'. When I was there I met up with some of the PP Forum gang.  It was so nice to meet people who had been 'virtual' friends.  I made a label which I tied to my bag

and the back..............

What did you buy I hear you say!! A3 sketchbook and metalic fabric paints from ArtVanGo (love that stand!!), buttons, fabric from Simply Solids, gorgeous dyed silk threads from Stef Francis and more silk stuff from Oliver Twist.  Plus I bought one book 'Liberated Log Cabin' by Janice Gunner and I subscribed to 'embroidery'

Birthday Blocks

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the day in London.  We went to St Paul's Cathedral which was wonderful, but what was more wonderful was the visit we made in the late afternoon to the London Museum.  We only got as far as the Romans and there was loads more to see right up to the present..............we shall be going again to see the rest!

When I got home I opened all my squishies that I had received from the PP Birthday Club;  all 17 of them!  And this is what they look like..........I just need to make one more to fill the top right corner and it will make the most gorgeous quilt.

As well as these blocks, each one was accompanied with a birthday card............I feel so lucky

Someone who inspires me postcard

On the PP Forum Postcard Swap for August we were asked to make a postcard based on someone who inspired me.  I did an online City and Guilds Patchwork & Quilting course a few years back with Linda and Laura Kemshall and they certainly inspired me.  So I chose their technique and their iconic poppy seedheads.  I sent it to Helen, and here it is..............

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Postcard Swaps

I love fabric postcard swaps and I'm currently in a Popular Patchwork online swap.

Here's one I made for Liz.  Theme 'Hats'

This one I made for Mal.  Theme 'The Olympics'

This one I made for Fay.  Theme 'Something for Men'

......and these are some that I have received.  Aren't they fabulous.

From Glenda

From Helen

From Mal

.....and this one I made for a 2 year old who loves Penguins

These are the gorgeous fabrics I bought last Sunday when I visited Village Textile's Embroidery Exhibition.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Photos taken on the Isle of Wight in July

I thought I would put up some photos that I had taken when on the Isle of Wight with my new camera.  So here goes.

Here is a most gorgeous Jackdaw

The Spinnaker in Portsmouth from Ryde

and a lovely blue boat lazing in the harbour

My day out on Sunday at Minster near Ramsgate

Well, I went to the Village Textiles exhibition of C&G Embroidery last Sunday in the village of Minster near Ramsgate.  The work was breathtaking!  There were pieces stitched by hand and more pieces stitched by machine.  I was bowled over, so much so, that I've signed up for a year's course in hand embroidery (with a little bit of machine stitching) with Village Textiles.  First term starts in September and I'm so looking forward to it.  I also bought some scrumptious hand dyed fabric - just couldn't resist!!

Thank you to all my friends who have popped on here.  Your comments have been very, very encouraging.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My first posting

Hi, my name is Irene and I'm a quilter, love sewing all sorts of things.  I take photos of  lots of interesting and inspiring subjects.  My grandchildren are always on the look out for patterns on floors and ceilings!  I also like to cook, read, travel - especially to see my family in Switzerland.  I'm into geneaology, so you will find a few old and special snapshots on here.  I was born in the UK. Lived in Kenya until 1955.  My grandparents had lived out there since the early 1900's.

I belong to a quilting group in Chalk near Gravesend and we are called Friendship Quilters.  We do loads of our own stuff as well as making quilts for charity.  I have my own group called Sunray Quilters and it's a group of bereaved parents who enjoy learning patchwork and quilting - they say that sewing is very motivating.  They all say they can't sew, but you should see what they have done!!

Applique seems to be their favourite

We have craft days too.  We squeeze into my house and we have a great time making, sewing and printing.

I'm on the right holding the quilt and peering over the top!