Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School Banner Finished!

I finished the school banner last night and today I went along to school assembly to present it to them.  I did a Power Point presentation and showed the children and staff how the banner was constructed.  I took along the big paper template, cereal box card which was used for the templates, tracing paper with the ship and circle of sky and sea.  It was very interactive.  At the end I said to the children that I had a surprise for them. The children didn't know that the banner was complete.  It was a brilliant reaction with gasps and ooo's and ah's.  Then I walked the quilt up the hall to show all the children and a lot of them wanted to feel it.

And now I can reveal it..............

......til the next time

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Aged Fabric Postcard

My latest fabric postcard with the theme of Age was inspired from the cover of a primary school book owned by one of my children back in 1980.  We found it in the attic recently whilst we were having a massive clearout.  The book is 32 years old and, I thought, appropriate for the theme

....til the next time

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Banner Update

Yesterday saw more progress on the school banner.  The blue background was cut to shape (a little bit larger to allow for quilting) and 4 of the 7 school values were also done along with the chain which links all of the values.

I've taken loads of photos of the process and will put them onto a Power Point presentation for the school to keep.  I've been invited to school assembly in two weeks time to show the children the progress of their banner.

Placing the letters today - got to make sure that everything is measured and symmetrical! 

........til the next time

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's looking good!

I've started bondawebbing the sky and sea and it's looking good.  I have to stitch the lines with invisible thread before the boat is stuck down.  Here it is so far

Will do the stitching later.  Til the next time..............

Friday, May 4, 2012

Transforming Lives

Today we attended a Thanksgiving function at Nordoff Robbins in London. It was for the life of Clive Robbins who died last December. It was an amazing 2 hours of music, reflections, poems, champagne and laughter.  Check out the website and get a feel for how they change peoples' lives.

Working on a Banner

At the beginning of the year I was approached to help a local primary school make a banner.  The design is taken from a picture drawn by one of the pupils and items around the school.   The initial design has taken the longest to do. Here is a peek of the progress

Tracing the ship

Colour selection

Letters bondawebbed and sky and water ready to bond to fabric

Ship ready to go
...til the next time