Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School Banner Finished!

I finished the school banner last night and today I went along to school assembly to present it to them.  I did a Power Point presentation and showed the children and staff how the banner was constructed.  I took along the big paper template, cereal box card which was used for the templates, tracing paper with the ship and circle of sky and sea.  It was very interactive.  At the end I said to the children that I had a surprise for them. The children didn't know that the banner was complete.  It was a brilliant reaction with gasps and ooo's and ah's.  Then I walked the quilt up the hall to show all the children and a lot of them wanted to feel it.

And now I can reveal it..............

......til the next time


  1. Wow that looks amazing! You did a fantastic job! =D

  2. Irene it looks awesome. I bet they have all been over moon.

  3. Irene they look great. Well done