Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Holiday Fabric Postcard

Here's the fabric postcard I made for Tessa on the Popular Patchwork Forum.  I chose the theme for August which was Summer Holiday.  I take loads of photos when I'm on holiday so that I have inspiration at my fingertips.  We had a lovely time in Venice last year and I snapped away at all sorts of inspirational subjects.

This postcard was inspired from a photo I had taken of a gondola

.......til the next time

Monday, August 27, 2012

Afternoon In a Garden

This afternoon we took an elderly lady and her carer son to Broadview Gardens Hadlow, a horticultural training college.  It was her birthday and she had a lovely time having tea and cake and then a look around the lovely gardens

Shredding didn't get a look in today!!!!!

Eeeek!! My Sewing Table

I was just a few days into clearing out my old office to make way for my new sewing room when I had a message from Horns to say they could deliver my sewing table this Wednesday. Yikes!! Well, I panicked to say the least!  The room is nowhere near ready.

The sewing room looks so messy at the moment with all the removal of unwanted stuff!! So far I filled 4 sacks with shredding, 2 of paper and card, 2 to the charity shop plus loads of books and 3 to the tip!!! And I'm still going strong - loads more to get rid of!  I phoned Horns to delay delivery for another 3/4 weeks.

This is my sewing corner in my dining room.  Everything has to be moved on to the dining table when I want to sew and cut and then all put back when we want to eat - can't wait to get it all into my sewing room

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Bought This at the Festival of Quilts

I had a good time looking round all the traders' stands.  I didn't need any more fabric as I have loads at home.  I did buy some lovely bits from Oliver Twist tho'.  My main buy was this for my sewing room

It's a Horn Quilters' Dream Mark 2 sewing table.  It will take 28 days to arrive, so in the meantime I'm clearing a room to turn into my sewing room.  I'm so excited and motivated to get this room sorted.  There is so much paperwork to shred!!!! And old office manuals and files to get rid of.  I'm exhausted already!

...........til the next time

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Festival of Quilts & the German/Anglo Stash Challenge

I had a great time at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.  I was able to see the results of the German/Anglo Stash Challenge that I took part in last year.  The quilts have already been exhibited in Germany and now they are here.  I can now reveal mine

These are fabrics used.  The top two rows of fabric were the stash sent to me by my German partner. The third row are the fabrics I used from my stash.

............ and this is what I made

There were some amazing quilts and I was so pleased to have had mine selected.

Here are some more amazing stash quilts made by other participants.  The quality of photo is not so good as I was taking the photo quickly before heads got in the way!!

............tell you tomorrow what I bought!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Thru Crew

I'm off to the Festival of Quilts in the morning.  So looking forward to seeing my friends, aka The Coming Thru Crew.  Also I shall see my skinny wall hanging that I made for the German/Anglo Stash Challenge.  I'll be able to reveal it soon.

Another gorgeous flower in my garden - Agapanthus I just love these flowers.

....til the next time

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dordogne Holiday

We have just had the most amazing holiday in a rented house in the Dodogne.  The four bedroom house was a new build and it was beautiful and comfortable.  The grandchildren absolutely loved the swimming pool as well as the indoor and outdoor games.  The kitchen was a dream and we ate in most evenings.  There were lots of interesting places to visit such as Rocamadour, Sarlat, Roque Ste Christophe and Les Eyzies (for canoeing and the pre-historic museum).  We absolutely loved it. was perfect and just so lovely

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sari Ribbon Humbug

When shopping one day I came across sari ribbon and thought how lovely is that!  So bright and vibrant.  I thought that I could make a humbug doorstop with this and embellish it too.  This is what I made...........

I embellished it with retro buttons, hand embroidery, shirt buttons, silk rods and sequins.  The tassel was made from left over sari ribbon too.

....til the next time