Monday, August 27, 2012

Eeeek!! My Sewing Table

I was just a few days into clearing out my old office to make way for my new sewing room when I had a message from Horns to say they could deliver my sewing table this Wednesday. Yikes!! Well, I panicked to say the least!  The room is nowhere near ready.

The sewing room looks so messy at the moment with all the removal of unwanted stuff!! So far I filled 4 sacks with shredding, 2 of paper and card, 2 to the charity shop plus loads of books and 3 to the tip!!! And I'm still going strong - loads more to get rid of!  I phoned Horns to delay delivery for another 3/4 weeks.

This is my sewing corner in my dining room.  Everything has to be moved on to the dining table when I want to sew and cut and then all put back when we want to eat - can't wait to get it all into my sewing room

............til the next time


  1. congratulation to your new sewing table and good luck with cleaning your room out in time. I know that feeling. lol. sometimes you wonder where all the things come from.

  2. Wow what a rush, you could only imagine if they had said they couldn't delay the delivery time! =D