Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Bought This at the Festival of Quilts

I had a good time looking round all the traders' stands.  I didn't need any more fabric as I have loads at home.  I did buy some lovely bits from Oliver Twist tho'.  My main buy was this for my sewing room

It's a Horn Quilters' Dream Mark 2 sewing table.  It will take 28 days to arrive, so in the meantime I'm clearing a room to turn into my sewing room.  I'm so excited and motivated to get this room sorted.  There is so much paperwork to shred!!!! And old office manuals and files to get rid of.  I'm exhausted already!

...........til the next time


  1. Hi Irene, what a wonderful addition to your sewing room, it will look great when you fill it up with all your bits.

  2. Gosh I could do with that table! Please tell me you ordered two ;D