Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost There

It's nearly the end of the City & Guilds Stitched textiles course and it's been a very steep learning curve!!  In two weeks time our work will be assessed and I've still have lots to finish and tidy.  Our first project was to be inspired from architecture and as I'm an avid photographer, I knew that I had loads of photos of buildings and other interesting things.  I decided to choose a photo I had taken of Sydney Opera House.  My shape is based on the roof and the circles were in the fence along the waterside.  The prairie points represent the pattern on the roof of the Opera House.  This first project is hand embroidered.

My second project, which I have just started, is something of my own choice and will be a mixture of machine and hand embroidery.  Here's a peek of what I'm doing.  I've machined Sari ribbons along a length of fabric - the next step is hand embroidery over quite a bit of it, embellishment (I've been raiding my button box).  There will be tassels as well.

The other part of the assessment are the super samples which have to be A4 or A3 size.  Mine are A4

Texture & Line

Raised & Padded
Shadow Applique
Reverse Applique
Free Machine 1
Free Machine 2
Bonding & Layering & Cut
Bonding & Layering & Foiling
...phew!  Now to catch up with everything else!

....til the next time.........