Saturday, August 6, 2011

My first posting

Hi, my name is Irene and I'm a quilter, love sewing all sorts of things.  I take photos of  lots of interesting and inspiring subjects.  My grandchildren are always on the look out for patterns on floors and ceilings!  I also like to cook, read, travel - especially to see my family in Switzerland.  I'm into geneaology, so you will find a few old and special snapshots on here.  I was born in the UK. Lived in Kenya until 1955.  My grandparents had lived out there since the early 1900's.

I belong to a quilting group in Chalk near Gravesend and we are called Friendship Quilters.  We do loads of our own stuff as well as making quilts for charity.  I have my own group called Sunray Quilters and it's a group of bereaved parents who enjoy learning patchwork and quilting - they say that sewing is very motivating.  They all say they can't sew, but you should see what they have done!!

Applique seems to be their favourite

We have craft days too.  We squeeze into my house and we have a great time making, sewing and printing.

I'm on the right holding the quilt and peering over the top!


  1. Well done Irene, enjoy your new hobby!

  2. Fingers crossed it will work this time!!!
    Welcome to Blogland Irene, a great first post well done, and well done to Ros for encouraging you too.