Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Festival of Quilts

I had a wonderful time at the Festival of Quilts last weekend.  I went by coach with a quilt group called 'Bears Paw'. When I was there I met up with some of the PP Forum gang.  It was so nice to meet people who had been 'virtual' friends.  I made a label which I tied to my bag

and the back..............

What did you buy I hear you say!!   Well...............an A3 sketchbook and metalic fabric paints from ArtVanGo (love that stand!!), buttons, fabric from Simply Solids, gorgeous dyed silk threads from Stef Francis and more silk stuff from Oliver Twist.  Plus I bought one book 'Liberated Log Cabin' by Janice Gunner and I subscribed to 'embroidery'


  1. Love the fabrics and everything you bought. I feel so jealous of you all!!Can't wait to see what you make :-)

  2. Well Liz, make sure you come next year. Join the gang. hahaha
    Brilliant purchases Irene, can't wait to see what you make with thos ebeautiful threads and fabrics...mmm mmm