Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Long Life

Today was the funeral of Auntie Audrey.  I had cared for her for a few years until her dementia got worse and she had to go into a residential home last year.  We had to obtain Court of Protection for her so that we could look after her finances and care.  She was such a lovely lady, full of fun and laughter.  I arranged her funeral and wake along with my husband (she was his aunt).

In July my Mum died and I organised her funeral too.  Mum and Auntie knew each other and had spent happy days with us going to all sorts of places.  The last 3 months have been quite emotional and overwhelming.

My Mum, Joyce.


  1. What a lovely Mum and Aunt you had! Always happens like that doesn't it. At least they can now keep each other company. Bless ALL Mum's and Aunt's.

  2. This is a difficult year for you, lots of sadness. By the way my youngest daughter is called Audrey, she is a joy to have around. I'm sure your mum and aunt were the same.