Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Job that had to be Done

We have to sell Mum's house which means that we have to sort out all her things.  I went to her house this morning to sort her wardrobe - incredibly hard thing to do as it felt so wrong deciding what to do with her belongings.  Anyway, I was there a couple of hours and managed to fill 4 black sacks!  I also found some bits of embroidery and weaving that I had done as a child.  I didn't know she had kept it!

My mum in 1946 with Aunt Jess and me as a baby

Africa 1946 

Spent the afternoon cutting out Emily's black and white fabric.  Very calming...........  til the next time xx

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  1. a lovely photo Irene why don't you print it onto fabric then you will have it forever to carry on, in a cushion maybe or a book cover.