Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I've never made a quilt so quickly

Well, I've finished my granddaughter's quilt and it only took 5 days to piece!  I sent it to Marlene who does long arm quilting and it it was back to me within a week.  I'm so pleased with it.

The finished quilt for Christmas

I've been shopping again to my local craft shop to buy PVA and silicone glue to make some printing blocks for my C&G Hand Embroidery course.....which I bought.............. and came out with some more decorative wool!!

Georgi inspecting the gorgeous fibre

When I came home today from Friendship Quilters there was a package waiting on the door mat.  I wonder what that could be?  It wasn't my birthday and I wasn't expecting any Swaps.  It was a bag made by a patchwork friend who I met on the same Great Train Journey to Italy earlier this year.  It folds up and tucks into the pocket at the front.  What a lovely surprise - thank you Angie xx

Til the next time...............

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  1. The quilt looks gorgeous Irene. The bag is very nice too what a nice surprise for you! And the yarns,I see you have the bug now, we call it scarf-itus!!!The black and grey yarn you have,I bought that in turquoise at Malvern but for me I don't like it as much as the cancan yarn. The other with the glitter has been made by many of our group but again not one I am keen on. Have fun knitting them. I am sure in Wiltshire anyway there will be alot of people walking around after Christmas with these scarves on!love Liz x