Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Edges & Finishes WIP

Well I'm at the stage of my Stitched Textiles course where we are doing our Super Samples for assessment later in the year.  Since September last year it has been pretty intense with painting, dying, making marks and patterns, making printing blocks and stitching.  All this stuff goes into the Design sketchbook.  The stitched samples go into a samples sketchbookThe Super Samples for assessment have to be displayed for show - so I need to get an A3 sketchbook with black pages (I prefer black as it makes the samples stand out).

Here is a work in progress of my first Super Sample which is Edges & Finishes.  I still have to embellish it - photo of that will come later.

Work in Progress - Edges & Finishes

'til the next time.............


  1. That's nice and bright, and I love the tassle!!

  2. Lovely work Irene. You must be enjoying your course!