Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fab Fabrics

What a brilliant day today was at Friendship Quilter's Fabric Sale by Doughty's.  Got to the sports hall at 8.30 this morning to help set up all the tables for the fabrics, raffle, sales table and refreshments.  In the past we have held this event in a much smaller hall, so we didn't know quite how it was going to go.  We need not have worried!  The hall became packed and the queues for the cutting and purchasing of fabrics was almost out to the doors!!!

Here's a selection of what was there

.....and this is what I bought to make some bags for summer

My friend Angela, who organised it all, loved the label I made her that went around the roses I gave her.

..............til the next time


  1. Lovely fabrics,we also had a fabric sale today by someone who comes from Middlesex.on ebay they are fabric-kingdom but having looked they are obviously more expensive there with postage also than if they come to your group! Lots of lovely fabrics though and the more fat quarters you bought the cheaper you got it so I got 13. love Liz x

  2. Wow looks like that was a fun day! So wish I had seen it, could have convinced Father to bring me down =D

  3. oh so nice to see. Wished I could have been there.