Saturday, January 26, 2013

Postcard for a Special Person

No progress on the double pinwheel quilt yesterday.  It was shopping day and in the evening I was turning up trousers for Mr B.....not my favourite sewing task but it has to be done.

I did make a fabric postcard for a very special person who is retiring from the music therapy charity, Nordoff-Robbins........this charity is dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults through music.

I have a new, electric fan oven (my old one was a gas oven) and it's a whole new experience for me! Playing around with the temperatures is quite a challenge!! To test it I made a Victoria sponge cake last I set the temperature to 170c or 180c??  I set it for 170c.  It cooked very well but I think this weekend I will try again and raise the temperature to 180c.  What do you think will happen?

Here's last week's cake

.......have a good weekend, the sun is shining here but it's still very cold.  The snow is finally off my car.

...........'til the next time, keep quilting

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