Saturday, March 17, 2012

German/British Stash Swap

Back in the middle of last year the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles and the German Patchwork Guild came up with a stash challenge involving both guilds.  The idea was to choose about a metres worth of fabric from your stash and send it to your Guild.  The same thing happened in Germany.  The fabrics were then swapped between both Guilds.  I received my fabrics from my German partner and I had to make something measuring about 16" x 34" using at least 20% of her fabrics and 20% of fabric from my stash.  Participants would be notified later if their creation had been selected to be exhibited in the German Exhibition in May 2012 and the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August 2012.

When I got back recently from Switzerland there was a letter from the Quilters' Guild saying that they were delighted to inform me that my creation had been selected.  I was so surprised and over the moon that my piece had been chosen.  Unfortunately I'm not able to show you the finished piece until after the exhibition. 

......til the next time

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