Friday, March 2, 2012

Incredible Ice Forms

Well, I've just got back from Switzerland.  It was so cold when we arrived at my daughter's place and there was still snow everywhere.  We were doing Grandparent duties taking our granddaughter to Geneva for 3 days to rehearsals for Peter Pan.  The rehearsals were in the evening so dear husband and I had to find something to do for 4 hours!  We got to know Geneva shops and places to eat quite well!  On one of our walks along the lake I took these incredible photos of the ice formations along the lake side.

I've never seen ice like this!!  During our stay we took the train to Thun.  What a lovely place that was.  There was a castle and charming church and spectacular scenery

Castle in Thun

Church in Thun

.....We carried on by mountain train which was awesome, winding our way down the mountain to Brig.  The station here had some interesting tiling..............

This was just one of them

We did go to see the production of Peter Pan.  It was brilliant!  The youngest was 9 years old and the oldest 18 years old and they were all so professional!

............til the next time


  1. Love the photos of Switzerland. I see some nice ones of where my friend lives in Obergerie,(not sure if I have spelt it right)she now has her twins home and they are doing well! Apparently they have felt a couple of earthquakes recently.

  2. great pictures. Thank you so much for them. glad you had a great time and enjoyed the play.